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Posted by Scott Edelman

Whether it's for your new home or a small room that you are eager to decorate, it is always fun and exciting to gather inspiration and dream of ideas on how to decorate a room in your home. When it comes to the actual designing elements, it may be difficult and heavy for you.

For some people, the challenge often involves trying to do everything at once. Do you know what type of designer chairs, and tables are suitable for your home? 

hausMKR carries Accent Chairs, Accent Tables & Benches, Couches, Lounge Chairs, Decor & Accessories, Home Accessories, Kitchen Accessories, etc. There are many options in the market to make a beautiful room or home, but their products can help to enhance the beauty of every room in your house and can make a world of difference in your home.

Home Décor with accent chairs

One or two accent chairs in your room, or even just one, add a stylish element or a pop of color to your room. An accent chair offers a lot more than just a seat. It attracts the eye and adds a dash of style and personality, and maybe just the element you need to tie the decorations together.

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Ultimate Comfort Guaranteed

Lounge chairs are upholstered armchairs with extra cushioned deep seats. These chairs provide enough space that is ideal for relaxing after a hard day; most people use it to read a book comfortably. Specially designed lounge sets, available in various colors like red, dark brown, purple, and others, will add a lot of charm to your room.

Take the classic design and comfortable seating area to your home decor as an accent chair. You can choose from a variety of accent chairs that are designed using quality materials. Rest your arms on the cloth-covered armrest and let your back enjoy the coziness on the cushioned backrest. Take a look at the range of attractive lounge sets that offer a nice blend of functionality and style.

Snuggle in Your Chair

Lounge chairs can be used to create a secondary seating area in the room, usually in a corner or under a window. You can also enhance the beauty of the house by placing these chairs in your living room, bedroom, veranda, or any other informal lounging space. You can add a snug effect to your covered terrace or a huge balcony by placing these accent chairs near the water fountain or plant gallery.

You can also opt for an armchair with a swilling base and move around whenever you want! Enjoy a cup of coffee on these plush and sink-in chairs, or enjoy the tenderness while spending time together. Therefore, invest in lounge chairs to enjoy supreme consciousness and comfort.

Not sure how to find a suitable chair?

First, consider where you will set the accent chair. An accent chair should be able to accentuate the room, so use it where it will be highlighted or may add a display to your space. If your sofa is in all neutral colors, bright color or pattern chair can add a spark. Which chairs can you consider? Any chair that has the ability to make an impact in the room will work perfectly. See bold colors, vivid patterns, or sleek silhouettes.

Assess the functionality

How will the chair be used? A comfortable accent chair that you can install will be perfect for a cozy reading nook next to the window. If you want to make flexible seating that can be moved to any corner of the room, look for a chair with castors. If it is only to add color and make a statement, try a chair in a unique modern style.

In contrast to its existing decoration, the beauty of accent chairs is that you can use it in any way, and they have no difficulty in matching any theme or color of the room. Make fun experiments, but don't go overboard! While you should pay attention to the fact that accent chairs are not overpowered the room.

Measure for size!

A common mistake when adding an accent chair is not having the knowledge of the available space properly. The available furniture should fit well within your room, without being too big or too small for the available space. In addition, consider pieces that are similar in scale and proportion to the rest of your furniture.

Choose the style carefully

Barrel-shaped, wing armchairs, tufted classical style, or modern bucket chairs are all beautiful choices that can change your décor. The more playful, the better.

Match your personality with the accent chair. Accent chairs should reflect your personality. Consider it as an investment, ready to pay more for something that is truly unique.

Choose upholstery that sets your accent chair up a notch from the rest. If it is a more decorative piece than functional, you can also use luxurious velvet or delicately textured linen; but if it is being used regularly, then you can choose a durable fabric. For floral statements, pieces consider floral patterns, stripes or checks, or bold solid colors.

Deciding between Cost vs. Quality in a chair and table

You can be lucky if you get a really great unique piece that suits your liking. Choosing quality over cost may seem attractive, but it is also true that good quality furniture costs more.

Quality furniture is more expensive due to the time it takes to make and prepare the manufactured furniture, as well as the quality used in the framework, upholstery, and final fabric or leather finish.

If spending too much money on furniture is not the right option for you, then a better suggestion for you is to buy a mid-range piece that can fit your budget and can then save high-quality pieces for the future.

Difference between an Armchair, an Accent Chair, and a Lounge Chair 

You may have seen or heard that chairs are referred to as accent chairs, lounge chairs, or just chairs. They are all essentially doing the same thing, although an accent chair can sometimes refer to a chair without a chair or anything close to a desk or dining chair. Lounge chairs are more permanently bent, but the term is often used with armchairs. It is important to know the various terms and definitions of the furniture you are purchasing. It helps to make things clear so that you can say and know what you want to buy.

Duer: - Velvet-Wrapped Club Chair

Velvet, with its plush feel and sparkle, is the original glamor fabric. Thankfully, these days, Velvet is still super Luxe but much more affordable. Velvet is not a fiber like silk or cotton, but a method of weaving fabrics. In the days of hand weaving, this process was extremely complicated (and it is still very involved!). When you move your hand over it, changing the direction of the pile, the velvet looks lighter or darker. Its specialty is that it engraves the shapes covered in velvet and makes the frivolous velvet furniture so attractive.

Velvet Upholstery

Why is velvet such a popular upholstery fabric? You can thank its presence and touch. Soft and warm, it is as good as it looks (as all luxury clothing should be!) Velvet differs from other upholstery fabrics, adding depth and definition to the shape of a piece. The depth of the pile also shows really good dye, resulting in an intense, rich tone. Gray velvet will have a darker color than flat-weave cotton or a similarly dyed piece of linen.

Quality and Durability

To compare the quality of the velvet, look at the density of the backing fabric and the pile (both the thickness and fiber content of the yarn). Folding a specimen on the diagonal will make it easier to see how firmly that fabric was woven. If the backing is easy to see and there are visible rows of pile fibers, then the piece is of lower quality. Also, pay attention to the back of the fabric and make sure it is densely woven as well.

Next, see what the Velvet rub test shows. Highly durable velvet can be susceptible to marking because the pile is flattened by normal use and wear. Velvet's crushing tendency is not to blame, so don't be surprised when this happens. Some people also think that Velvet improves with age and appreciates the old appearance of a well-used piece.

Fiber Type For Duer: - Velvet-Wrapped Club Chair

Velvet is woven by natural fibers, cellulose, synthetic products, or a combination. Here are some of the most common types:

Silk velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics ever made. It is soft and smooth to the touch and is so shiny that it gives the impression of being wet. It is best suited for pieces that will not be heavily used and may fade in sunlight.

Linen velvet has a matte, dry look, and takes the dye exceptionally well, resulting in a darker, richer complexion. Linen velvet often has strie because linen yarns have different thicknesses. Its pile is usually smaller than other velvet and carries a risk of injury or crushing. Linen Velvet is popular in warm climates, as it is breathable and cool to the touch.

Synthetic velvet made of high-quality polyester, less prone to marking or crushing. They resist fading but do not have the same color depth as natural clothing. Although they have greatly improved since their introduction, synthetic velvets generally do not have the same look and feel as natural versions. The blending of synthetic and natural fibers can offer the best of both worlds.

Cotton velvet is easily crushed, which is why it is often mixed with other fibers such as polyester to improve its flexibility. It has a matte finish, but can be mixed with viscose to add shine and strength.

Wool velvet is durable and flexible, but it can be warm to the touch - lovely in winter, but not so good in summer.

The mohair velvet made from Angora goat hair is extremely durable and protects against dirt and crushing. If a piece is being used heavily, mohair is the gold standard. The mohair velvet is much thicker and has less shine than silk or cellulose fibers. It is described as a glow.

Velvet made from cellulose, a fiber made from plants or wood pulp, is soft and has a deep shine, giving natural fibers some competition in the glamor department.

Cut velvet is not a specific fiber, but rather a fabric in which a pattern is cut in velvet whose pattern can be any design, from traditional flowers to more modern geometries.

Backing and stacking are often made of various fibers. In this way, the foundation can be made as strong as possible, while the pile has the properties of other fibers. When you are shopping for velvet in a showroom or online store, look at the description and tag carefully. Typically, pile fiber content is listed first and backing fiber second.